What HUMAN is all about – Now online: the corporate image film

Every company has an unmistakable identity. It drives strategic decisions and is reflected in services and products. Get to know HUMAN’s core values and competences with the help of our new corporate film. The 4.5 minutes long image video conveys what we stand for: - Service: from logistics to trainings and support, - Quality: manufactured and tested in Germany, - Partnership: trustful and worldwide. The core of our company from the beginning more than 40 years ago until now is manifested in the company name: in the end it’s all about humans. About people who have the chance of appropriate treatment if diagnosed early and thoroughly, people who use our products at work in laboratories and hospitals, people at our partners’ companies we work trustfully together with all over the world, and – of course – the people at HUMAN who are dedicated to the company’s products and values. Meet all these people and more in our corporate company video. It is available on the HUMAN YouTube Channel in English, Spanish and French:

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Comercializadora de Productos para laboratorio SAS

Calle 106 # 54 - 63
+57 (1) 7426486
Bogotá D.C.

 - Química Clínica
 - Diabetes
 - Electrolitos
 - Hematología
 - Uroanalisis

- Coagulación

 - Inmunología
 - Autoinmunidad IMTEC
 - Biologia Molecular
 - Microscopios

- Laboratorio

- Linea POCT

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